The Multi-Cultural Greek Council (MCGC) is one of the four Greek Councils on Indiana University's campus; it is an umbrella organization for 13 multicultural Greek-letter organizations. In the last several years, MCGC has gained four new organizations fostering a better span of cultures and demographics in which we promote leadership, academic excellence, sisterhood/ brotherhood, and community.


For all members to promote diversity while displaying their own identity. MCGC is a liaison between the greater Greek community, the students at Indiana University and the organizations within the council. Through our diversity, we encourage members to advance the ideas of fraternal values within the council and impact the Indiana University's campus on a greater scale.


MCGC fosters an open space for Greek-Lettered members to have an inclusive Greek experience through collaboration, communication and support of one another. 


MCGC does not hold structured/formal recruitment events as a council. Each organization conducts recruitment or membership intake individually. Those interested in joining an MCGC organization should contact the president of the individual organization, which can be found on the "Contact" page or on BeInvolved.com